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Simple Tagging: Tag Cloud

This is a sub-page of Simple Tagging Plugin


<?php STP_Tagcloud(); ?>

in any template file to display a tag cloud:
Tag Cloud

By the way, the function STP_GetTagcloud() is the non-echoing version (returns the tag cloud as string).


<?php if (class_exists('SimpleTagging')) : ?> 
	<ul id ="tagcloud">
		<?php STP_Tagcloud(); ?>
<?php endif; ?>

Tag Cloud Style

To display the tag cloud properly, you’ll have to apply CSS rules. Open the CSS file of your theme (for instance wp-content/themes/your-theme/style.css) and add CSS rules, in the following an example:

ul#tagcloud { padding:0; margin:0; text-align:center; list-style:none; }
ul#tagcloud li { display:inline; font-size:70%; color:#ccc; background: none; padding: 0;}
ul#tagcloud li a, ul#tagcloud li a:link { text-decoration:none; }
ul#tagcloud li a:hover { text-decoration:underline; }
ul#tagcloud li.t1 a { color:#797979; font-size: 120%; }
ul#tagcloud li.t2 a { color:#6d6d6d; font-size: 160%; }
ul#tagcloud li.t3 a { color:#616161; font-size: 190%; }
ul#tagcloud li.t4 a { color:#555555; font-size: 210%; }
ul#tagcloud li.t5 a { color:#484848; font-size: 230%; }
ul#tagcloud li.t6 a { color:#3c3c3c; font-size: 250%; }
ul#tagcloud li.t7 a { color:#303030; font-size: 270%; }
ul#tagcloud li.t8 a { color:#242424; font-size: 290%; }
ul#tagcloud li.t9 a { color:#181818; font-size: 310%; }
ul#tagcloud li.t10 a { color:#0c0c0c; font-size: 330%; }

If you need any assistance regarding CSS, check out a css guide like the Guide to Cascading Style Sheets or visit the link collection The Web Developer’s Handbook for further guides and tutorials.


You can change the appearance and behaviour by modifying the plugin’s options under WP Administration > Tags > Tag Options.

When you have opened the options, scroll down to Tag Cloud.

Individual Options

You also can override the plugin’s options by using the following optional parameters in the template tag STP_Tagcloud():

STP_Tagcloud($linkformat, $tagseparator, $include_cats, $sort_order, $display_max, $display_min, $scale_max, $scale_min, $notagstext)

  • $linkformat:
    A string, e.g. <li class="t%scale%"><a title="%tagname% (%count%)" href="%fulltaglink%">%tagname%</a></li>
    You can use any text you like and the function will automatically replace the following identifiers:

    • %tagname% – Replaced by the name of the tag.
    • %fulltaglink% – Replaced by the full link, e.g.
    • %taglink% – Replaced by the link, e.g. Coffee_and_Tea. Can be used to create links e.g. to Technorati.
    • %flickr% – Replaced by the encoded version of the tag which conforms to Flickr link standards., e.g. coffeeandtea.
    • %delicious% – Replaced by the encoded version of the tag which conforms to link standards., e.g. coffeeandtea.
    • %count% – Replaced by the actual number of times the tag has been used.
    • %scale% – Replaced by the value the tag is scaled to.
  • $tagseparator:
    Tag separator string, default is ' '.
  • $include_cats:
    Set to TRUE if you want post categories to be included in the cloud (the default is FALSE)
  • $sort_order:
    Tag cloud sort order:

    • Natural – natural case sorting (i.e. treats capital & non-capital the same).
    • Alpha – strict alphabetic order (capitals first).
    • Countup/Asc – ascending order by tag usage.
    • Countdown/Desc – descending order by tag usage.
    • Random – randomized every time the page is loaded.
  • $display_max:
    Maximum number of tags to display. Set to zero (0) to show all tags.
  • $display_min:
    Minimum tag count required: tags must be used at least this many times to show up in the cloud.
  • $scale_max:
    Used for scaling the tags. This is the maximum value scaled to.
  • $scale_min:
    Used for scaling the tags. This is the minimum value scaled to.
  • $notagstext:
    Text to display if no tags found.



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