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Bye bye, Movable Type

1. Oktober 2006 von Michael | Wordpress

Tom Sherman berichtet von seinem Wechsel vom Blog-System Movable Type zu WordPress:

I’m not angry anymore. I’m just kind of sad. I mean, I wasted a lot of time on that Movable Type shit. I’m past the denial and the anger; I’ve quietly accepted the trial that was Running a Large Blog Using Movable Type.

I’m not angry about the 10 minute rebuilds or the 90 second post times. I’m not angry about the 30 second page load times for the admin interface (well, Dreamhost might have been to blame for that, too). I’m not mad that MT’s plugins are less extensive, less flexible, less interesting, and harder to install than WordPress’. I can look past the fact that building a CMS on Perl is, uh, probably not a great idea. I’m okay with the fact that much of the MT enthusiasts from 2003 have moved on to greener pastures. I’m all right with Six Apart placing a commercial license on the creaking mass of Perl code known as Movable Type.

But I do have a couple of things I’d still like to get off my chest, before I put this puppy to bed for good.

Interessante Aussagen, kompletter Artikel: My curt goodbye to Movable Type.

(via Lorelle on WordPress)

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